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Get an early glimpse of the majestic and beautiful creatures from our amazing collection of 10,000 ANIM4RT NFTs.

709-Mandrill - 4rt

They might resemble baboons but are from a different family called Ord World monkeys. Among the monkey family, Mandrills are the largest ones.

Maine Coon
698-Maine Coon - 4rt

As the name suggests, this is one of the oldest breeds of natural cats originating in Maine, USA. Their large physical features allow them to be a powerful hunter.

649-Macaw - 4rt

Also spelled Macau, the surprising fact of this name is that it is used for over 18 species of these parrots. Macaws are colorful parrots and are well known for their bright dazzling colors.

Miiature Pinscher
739-Miniature Pinscher - 4rt

This small breed of dog, originating in Germany, is known for its lively spirit and cleverness. It may take some time getting used to training, but it will be a joy afterward.

575-Hummingbird - 4rt

The most interesting fact about these tiny birds is that they can fly in every direction, even backward. Hummingbirds are native to the Americas and are mostly found in the tropics.

563-Hornbill - 4rt

These birds are aptly named Hornbill as they have a large down-curved colorful bill, which often has a casque on its topic. Hornbills prefer tropical and subtropical areas.

Mexican Aligator Lizard
730-Mexican Aligator Lizard - 4rt

These arboreal green alligator lizards are an endangered species and are native to Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental highlands.

African Bush Elephant
8-African Bush Elephant - 4rt

There are only two living species of African Elephants, and this one is the largest. African Bush Elephants are also known as African Savanna Elephants.

941-Saber Toothed Tiger - 4rt

This is one of the most famous prehistoric animals. Living around 10,000 years ago, Smilodon was a fearsome tiger-like mammal, larger than lions.

Mountain Lion
762-Mountain Lion - 4rt

Also known as Cougar, Mountain Lion belongs to the large cat subfamily Felinae. These cats are native to the Americas and have tan beige fur with white bellies.

620-Jellyfish - 4rt

These gelatinous marine creatures have tentacles under an umbrella-shaped bell. Jellyfish is an informal name given to many of these free-swimming creatures.

Monarch Butterfly
745-Monarch Butterfly - 4rt

It has different names in different regions, for instance, common tiger and just Monarch. But it is the most iconic and familiar butterfly in the North Americas.

Grey Mouse Lemur
520-Grey Mouse Lemur - 4rt

Like Lemurs, Grey Mouse Lemurs are also found only on Madagascar Island. These are the smaller primates, yet the largest in the mouse lemur family.

American Robin
49-American Robin -4rt

A common sight in North America, American Robins are often seen pulling earthworms in the lawns. Although they are named after European Robin, they belong to different families.

880-Pug - 4rt

Originating from China, this medium-sized dog breed has a distinct curled tail and shot wrinkled face. The glossy coat combined with their cheerful behavior makes them playful mates.

Mini Labradoodle
736-Mini Labradoodle - 4rt

This small breed of dog is a cross between a purebred Miniature Poodle and a purebred Labrador Retriever. Unlike their size, the love and affection they show are huge, as is their intelligence.

752-Moorhen - 4rt

These water birds are sometimes known as Marsh Hens and have a brown and black appearance. They can be easily spotted feeding in open waters.

900-Raccoon - 4rt

These nocturnal shy mammals, found throughout the world, are also called Common Raccoons to distinguish them from other species.

Manchester Terrier
708-Manchester Terrier -4rt

This breed of dog was created to control rats, and evidently, it performed well. Nowadays, Manchester Terriers can be seen as loving and well-behaved family pets.

Carolina Parakeet
242-Carolina Parakeet - 4rt

Carolina Parakeets went extinct in captivity in 1918. Habitat loss is the reason for their extinction. Their distinctive features included a bright yellow head and an orange face.

262-Cheetah - 4rt

Having an athletic build for running, Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. These large cats can be spotted in Central Africa and Iran.

530-Guppy - 4rt

Unlike some other pet fish, Guppy is a fish species that is very easy to keep alive. They are popular as freshwater pets and found all over the world.

Northern Cardinal
786-Northern Cardinal - 4rt

This songbird can be identified by its long tail and short thick bill. Male Northern Cardinals exhibit bright red colors, whereas the females are mostly pale brown with reddish hues.

239-Caracal - 4rt

Often confused with Lynx, Caracals belong to a different family of wild cats. They are native to Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, including Pakistan.

722-Mastiff - 4rt

Counted amongst the largest dogs, Mastiffs are strong creatures having large skulls and drooping ears. Despite their appearance, they are good-natured family dogs.

689-Lorikeet - 4rt

This name is common to 53 species of colorful parrots of Australia and New Guinea. Rainbow Lorikeets can make spectacular pets if you find the time for them.

Green Treefrog
2153-Green Tree Frog - 4rt

Also known as the American Green Tree Frog, this frog is quite popular as a pet, owing to its species for being backyard friendly.

1721-Cinnabar - 4rt

The bright colors on this moth warn off all predators. In truth, it only starts to accumulate the poison after munching on its favorite food; the ragwort plant.

Northern Red Bellied Cooter Turtle
1998-Northern Red Bellied Cooter Turtle - 4rt

Found in the Coastal Plain or the Eastern Shore, this Northern or American Red Bellied Cooter Turtle is a fairly large one averaging lengths between 29-30 cm.

666-Lemur - 4rt

Lemurs are native to Madagascar Island and have distinctive pointed-snout and large eyes. These primates are among the most endangered mammals on the planet.