Anim4rt NFT



The Anim4rt metaverse

We are creating the Anim4rt Metaverse, populated by 10,000 Anim4rt NFTs preserved eternally on the blockchain.
Each NFT allows you a passage into the breathtaking world made to save the real one.


Take a deep breath and jump into the nature. Walk among the animals long extinct, feel the natural rhythm of nature. Take a stroll in the forests beside the Alpha of the pack. Exist with the Anim4rt NFTs, experience the story of the NFT you own.

We are building a metaverse, converging art with nature, teeming with the 10,000 hand-crafted NFTs. Become one with the Anim4rt Metaverse!  

Artic wolf in Anim4rt Metaverse

Unleash the Animal

Stories are the gateway of a soul. What a better way to know a story than to actually live it. We are building an interactive world that will allow you to experience each unique story by stimulating all your senses. Glimpse at what the animal feels, interact with the animals, and explore your way through the Metaverse.

3d desert metaverse

Beasts In The Wild

Marvel at the extinct creatures or just follow the man’s favorite companion, the story is for you to write. The traits of each animal are unique, so are the NFTs. Ascend up to the highest peaks, or immerse into the deep seas, there will be countless habitats for you to explore.

3d jaguar in a forest Metaverse
The Swallow Bird in a 3d metaverse

The pictures used in this page are not an accurate representation of the Anim4rt metaverse. Be ready to be amazed by the original preview that is to be shared soon.


Our vision is to revolutionize animal welfare through art. Only when you experience the world with their companionship, will you understand the significance of our cause. Help us protect our world! Invest in the organization and become a part of this future!