Who is Yo-4rt

We at Yo-4rt are a Team of visionaries with a unique eye for creativity, marking our territory in the NFT space with our upcoming 4rt-work collection and metaverse. With a combined experience of 150+ years in digital and physical art, we like to be addressed as 4rtian Pride.

Worshiping Stats for over a decade now, our aim is to showcase our sharp creative claws in this NFT space with an extremely unique driving force of creating and extending art into a form of story and expression.

Snatching on all the three aspects of art STORY, EXPRESSION, and EMOTIONS our 4rt-work goes beyond the physical borders of digital realm and introduces you to a new world, the Anim4rt Metaverse.

Our journey may be on the first flight but we are going places people have only dreamed of. With our wind and wings we wish to achieve something no one has ever done before and become an animal welfare association of the future unleashing the true power of Crypto, NFT and the Metaverse!