How to Make an NFT

Work surface with paintbrushes and coins representing bitcoin

How to Make an NFT If you are here, it means you have seen the craze Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have created in the digital world. NFT marketplaces are responsible for most of the crypto transactions in the world. Mike Winkelmann, who you might know as Beeple, made history by selling his digital art NFT for […]

How NFTs Work?

How NFTs Work

How NFTs Work? So, you heard about the explosion NFTs have caused in the digital world? You may also want to cash in on this phenomenon that has shaken the roots of digital art as well, but the problem is that most of us still don’t know how NFTs work. Fortunately, we have got your […]

What is Metaverse?


What is Metaverse? Despite the recent buzz in the tech world, the concept of Metaverse is not new. The term was first introduced in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel, Snow Crash. He described it as a digital and virtual world populated by lifelike avatars and 3D buildings. It felt too cyberpunk back then and still does […]