Discover the uniqueness of each Anim4rt

Our highly talented team has put in thousands of hours of hard work to handcraft these unique Anim4rt NFTs with precision and care. Each animal has it’s truly unique NFT with 6 levels of rarity and 11 levels of unique traits. Nature has done the rest for us by giving every creature it’s beauty and uniquness that we all admire.



Individual Classification and Rarity of Each Anim4rt

Anim4rt Rarity Level – One Star


Do not let the name fool you—these animals are in no way inferior to others. By definition, Common Animals are the most famous among people. But here, we acknowledge the frequent ones as well as the ones that have evaded your eye.

Anim4rt Rarity Level – Two Star


Similar to Common ones, but slightly more remarkable. Say hello to the animals that are an integral part of the ecosystem, but you might not have been aware of them.

Anim4rt Rarity Level – Three Star


As we step into deeper grounds get ready to be amazed. Over generations some of these creatures have emerged as the supreme members of the food chain. A few of them might look cute, but beware, some can be downright scary.

Anim4rt Rarity Level – Four Star

Super Rare

Keep a steady focus and open your extra pair of eyes, as we are now entering the territory of the rarest species. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as you may not get another chance to lay eyes on these marvelous creatures. These are the worlds most endangered and threatened species being the closest to extinction.

Anim4rt Rarity Level – Five Star


Very few 4rtians will be able to own these Rarity NFT Anim4rts. These Legendary creatures do not just boast the names, they carry their legends with them. These are almost mythical creatures, the only difference? They are real.

Anim4rt Rarity Level – Six Star


Would you like to own a T-Rex, Triceratops, or other extinct species? Join us on an extraordinary journey and become a trailblazer in time as we bring the extinct species back to life. These are extremely rare; only a select few will have the opportunity to encounter them.

Discover the Essence of Rarity NFT

In the heart of the digital frontier, Anim4rt stands as a testament to creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. Our project ventures beyond the conventional, introducing a captivating collection of NFTs. Each narrating a tale of nature’s wonder. With a year-long dedication to crafting these digital gems, our ensemble of 30 adept designers has explored the depth of rarity and uniqueness in the NFT arena.

Leveraging top-tier tools like Photoshop and After Effects, the creation of the Anim4rt NFT collection is a journey of artistic discovery. Our designers have brought to life 10,000 unique animal portraits, each encapsulating the essence and splendor of the animal kingdom. The Anim4rt NFT collection is more than just a digital asset compilation; it’s a gateway to a world where nature’s beauty meets digital innovation.

Rarity NFT in Anim4rt's Collection

Every Rarity NFT within this illustrious collection is a canvas of detailed research and artistic expression. With six levels of rarity from common to ultra-legendary, and eleven distinct trait categories, the Anim4rt NFTs offer a glimpse into a realm of meticulous detailing and authenticity. Whether showcasing the feathery grace of a bird or the predatory hierarchy within the wilderness, each NFT is a chapter in a narrative of nature’s vast tapestry.
Our project’s narrative goes beyond digital artistry, aiming to foster a deeper appreciation for environmental consciousness within our community. The NFT collection is not just a visual feast, but a call to acknowledge and cherish the wonders of the natural world.

Anim4rt's collection

What does rarity mean in NFT?

Rarity in the sphere of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a measure of uniqueness and scarcity of a particular digital asset.

In the Anim4rt collection, rarity is a meticulously crafted narrative, a journey into the heart of what makes each NFT distinct and valuable. Our NFTs are not just digital assets; they are digital narratives, each bearing an authentic tale of an animal’s characteristics, traits, and its place in the natural hierarchy. The notion of rarity is embodied in six levels, ranging from common to ultra-legendary, each level depicting a deeper layer of uniqueness and complexity.

The notion of rarity extends beyond just the visual appeal; it’s a blend of exhaustive research, artistic representation, and the tale each NFT tells. The Anim4rt NFT collection is a pioneering venture into illustrating the depth of rarity, providing a window into a world where digital artistry meets nature’s diversity.

How to check rarity of NFT?

Exploring the rarity of an NFT in the Anim4rt collection is an engaging journey.

Each NFT is a repository of carefully researched and artistically rendered traits, making the exploration of rarity a delightful experience. Here’s how you can delve into the rarity of our NFTs:

Our dedicated Rarity page provides a detailed insight into the levels of rarity and the distinct traits that make each NFT unique.

Each NFT listing on Anim4rt provides a comprehensive view of the traits and rarity levels, allowing you to understand the uniqueness of the NFT at a glance.

Our vibrant community is a reservoir of knowledge. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and explore the various facets of rarity alongside fellow enthusiasts.

On the Anim4rt platform, rarity indicators provide a visual representation of the rarity level of each NFT, making it easy to identify and appreciate the uniqueness of each digital asset.

By embarking on this exploratory journey, not only do you get to understand the rarity of each NFT, but you also become a part of a community that values the confluence of art, nature, and digital innovation.
Gorilla - Anim4rt Collection

Is there a rarity checker for NFT?

The Anim4rt collection will be featured on OpenSea, a reputable platform in the NFT marketplace where individuals can explore and analyze the rarity of NFTs. On OpenSea, you can utilize various tools and features to ascertain the rarity of NFTs.

For instance, OpenSea has a filter feature where you can filter NFTs by their rarity rank. Additionally, there’s an extension called the Trait Sniper rarity checker for Chrome, which allows you to view the rarity of every NFT directly on OpenSea while browsing.
Moreover, the collection will also be available on Rarity.Tools, a platform dedicated to providing detailed insights into the rarity of NFTs. On Rarity.Tools, you can easily check the rarity of your NFT by searching for the Anim4rt project under “All Collections”, typing in your OpenSea asset ID, and clicking “Look Up”. This will reveal the rank of your NFT out of the total NFTs in the collection, providing a clear perspective on its rarity.

Rarity Tools ranks NFTs by the rarity of their traits in real-time, allowing you to filter NFTs by average price, total sales volume, owner count, and top collections. It’s a comprehensive platform that offers a straightforward and effective way to analyze the rarity of NFTs in the Anim4rt collection and beyond.

Both OpenSea and Rarity.Tools provide a robust and user-friendly interface to explore and understand the rarity of NFTs in the Anim4rt collection. These platforms facilitate a deeper understanding of the unique aspects of each NFT, contributing to an enriching experience as you delve into the captivating world of Rarity NFTs within the Anim4rt project.

Embracing the Future with Anim4rt's Rarity NFT Collection

As we traverse the digital epoch, the Anim4rt NFT collection stands as a hallmark of innovative artistry and a tribute to the natural world. Our endeavor is not merely about creating digital assets; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with the essence of nature and the digital community.

The meticulous effort, exhaustive research, and the artistic genius embedded in each NFT is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our project is a blend of digital innovation and a heartfelt tribute to the myriad wonders of the natural world.

Moreover, our vibrant community is at the heart of this endeavor, engaging in insightful discussions, exploring the depths of rarity, and celebrating the confluence of nature and digital artistry. The journey with Anim4rt is more than just a collection; it’s an experience, an exploration, and a celebration of the intricate dance between nature and digital innovation.

We invite you to be a part of this captivating journey, to explore the NFT collection, and to delve into a world where every NFT tells a story, where every trait is a narrative, and where every discussion leads to a deeper appreciation of the digital and natural realms intertwined.