Be part of the Anim4rt sanctuary

Be Part of the First Carbon Positive NFT Project — ANIM4RT!


Magnificent forests of Anim4rt

Every hectare of “THE ANIM4RT FOREST” generates up to 16 tons of carbon savings annually. For each captured ton of CO₂ , we earn one carbon credit. All carbon credits will be allocated to acquire new plots of the rainforest.

What makes our project even more ecofriendly is that it will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its environmentally friendly approach.

With the adoption of carbon offset programs and renewable energy sources, Ethereum has effectively neutralized its carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. It has thus become the first carbon-neutral blockchain.

Anim4rt NFT Benefit

As an NFT holder, you are entitled to:


Win an unforgettable Trip with Your ANM4RT NFT!

Once the collection is revealed, 8 fortunate owners will have the extraordinary chance to win a unique journey and observe their ANIM4RT animal in its natural habitat. The best part is that you can bring a person of your choice with you.

In partnership with the esteemed WWF Association, we’ve organized this immersive adventure to foster a deep appreciation for conservation efforts and the importance of protecting natural environments. These trip invitations reflect our strong commitment to both wildlife preservation and our collector community.

The value of these exceptional trips is estimated at $160,000 and is carefully curated, organized by our partners, Natural Habitat Adventures and the WWF association. They offer extraordinary encounters with animals in their natural habitats, leaving a lasting impact on your lives and will to protect these species.

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, highlighting the extraordinary nature of this exclusive experience, be part of the Anim4rt movement for protection and save guard of our extraordinary nature.

Discovering Our Planet Together

Organized by our partner:

Reward for the biggest holder

NFT #727 - Megalodon​

727-Megalodon - 4rt

The biggest holder of our NFTs is in for a delightful surprise.

Seven days after the Sold out, we’ll airdrop the exclusive Megalodon NFT to his wallet, officially recognizing him as the esteemed ‘Whale‘ of our Anim4rt Association.

Get ready for an extraordinary honor!

The Megalodon Was Bigger, Faster and Even Hungrier



The 4RT token is our highly ambitious project that is set to launch in the near future. It will serve as the official currency of the Anim4rt association, solidifying its role in our ecosystem, making us the first animal welfare association 3.0.

“THE 4RT TOKEN” is more than a token – it is the link between the Holders of our NFT collection and the ANIM4RT association. The 4RT token is developed to increase the possibility of expanding our association, and will be invested to maximize the value of our NFTs, as all benefits will always be used to purchase new land.

You believed in our cause, and we are extremely grateful for your support. We value your commitment and want to express our gratitude. Once our 4RT token reaches its anticipated value, you will be rewarded with the equivalent amount spent on purchasing the Anim4rt NFT. The corresponding value will be automatically credited to your wallet in the form of 4RT tokens.

Anim4rt - 4RT cryptocurrency Token