Own a forest and save the earth with Anim4rt NFTs

The Earth is a marvel of life, sustaining billions of species, plants, and animals. All working in harmony to keep the wheel of life moving. This unison of nature helped propel human progress: The industrial revolution and The Age of Technology. Yet here we are, with our planet dying of our so-called progress.

Spin the globe, wherever you land, you will find the evidence of this negligence. The biggest threat comes from deforestation for industrialization and palm tree farms. If humans are to truly progress, we need to come together and protect nature. You too can change the way of things. You can take care of the rainforests and ensure their survival. Our NFT collection is just around the corner, and with it comes our 4rt Token. We will use the revenue from these tokens to buy forests globally.

Conserving the Nature

Each conserved forest will be divided into 10,000 blocks, with each NFT token representing ownership of a 1/10,000th block. Our mission doesn’t end with just one forest – we will continue investing in additional rainforest areas. These new acquisitions will also be divided among the NFT token owners, ensuring their ownership expands continuously. Our goal is to safeguard as much rainforest as possible, keeping it untouched and protected.

By participating in this initiative, you not only rescue forests from destructive industries but also become a shared owner of a rainforest. As you grow your collection, your legacy will leave an everlasting impact on future generations. And this is how you contribute to saving the precious species within your land.

Palm oil plantation destroying forest

Securing the Sanctuaries

All of our plans will be undone if just one single poacher breaches the natural sanctity. To protect the natural biodiversity, each forest will have its own caretakers.

Documenting the Change

More and more people are getting aware of this impending disaster. We will chip in these efforts and create documentaries centered around our forests to let people know what they are protecting. As more fellows gather, our NFT collection will boost up. Grab one while you can!

Videographer documenting the save of forests with NFTs
Documenting saving earth with NFTs

Our efforts will not stop until we change the world for a better tomorrow.