100% of the profits

will be granted to the foundation "Anim4rt" in Brazil in order to acquire the rain forest


A prestigious collection of 10,000 hand-crafted NFTs 

Each NFT is a culmination of our passion for art, wildlife and its protection. Every piece is unique, beautiful and extremely rare. Our team has spent gazillion hours perfecting the details making each Anim4rt a rarity in the NFT realm

Witness the massive rise of animal welfare organization of the future, be an 4rtian!


In our pursuit of unparalleled art, we are crafting the Anim4rt collection to perfection. But the thing to behold is not just their beauty, it is the details that lie within them.

Each NFT is embedded with the character’s story preserved eternally on the blockchain. There is always room for a story that can transfer you to their world. Own any of our NFTs and be the master of the story.



Prepare to experience the WILD like NEVER BEFORE. Only in Anim4rt Metaverse, you can explore and interact with magnificent animals. Get ready to take your spot among like-minded people who not only want to be a part of this ever evolving metaverse but also want to preserve the real world. What makes Anim4rt Metaverse truly special is that once you jump in , you will truly be free to experience life as a part of the nature.

Choose one of the habitats and dive into the breathtaking environments!

NFT art metaverse
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The wilderness is fading, species disappearing from the Earth. And the cause: Humans. Ironically, there is only one solution: Humans.
Unless we band together and vow to protect them, and create sanctuaries where the animals can live in peace, they will always be endangered. Our Anim4rt NFTs is more than just a patch on a blockchain, it represents all that we stand for. And we stand for Nature.

Become a co-owner of a rainforest through your ANIM4rt NFT token. Each ANIM4rt token will legally own the 1/10000th part of the land we buy.

Let us come together and save nature.

Saving rainforest


Enjoy the perks of being an 4rtian!


The world has been taken over by the crypto currencies with their blockchains and we are reaching the goal of becoming the Prime Animal Welfare Organization that is already using all these new web technologies 3.0.

The major event is the launch of the 4rt token, this crypto currency will save the wild species and promises a quick return on investment. Its growth is already spectacular. Everyone who will want to help and donate will be only able to do it with this special 4rt tokens to keep all transfers completely transparent. 

Yo-4rt - 4RT cryptocurrency Token




10,000 unique NFTs featuring handcrafted portraits of our faithful companions and the un-tamed beasts that dominate mother nature. Our team has spent enormous amount of time creating each NFT and giving it its unique features with extreme level of rarity. See more


We commit the generated revenue to saving natural habitats from the grasp of large industries. Each forest will be divided into 10,000 blocks, legally owned by each Anim4rt NFT Token. Owning an NFT will guarantee that the land attached to it will stay untouched, protected from deforestation. It is a guarantee of the preservation of the animal species of the Amazon Forest. As we acquire more blocks of rainforest, your portfolio of blocks will continue to expand and your NFT will not only protect this land but will also constantly continue to increase its value. See more


The revenue generated will be dedicated to representing our goal of becoming the biggest animal welfare organization 3.0, through international media and working hand in hand with world’s most famous animal protection associations. From there our legacy will only be starting. See more


All benefits will be reinvested into additional parcels of the rainforest, allowing each Anim4rt NFT to possess an increasing number of rainforest blocks. This commitment ensures the preservation of wildlife but will also permit the constant growth of the value of your NFTs.See more


4rt Token is the link between the NFT holders and the Anim4rt association. It is our most ambitious project with zero Carbon print, by placing it on the first ecofriendly blockchain Ethereum, we will make sure all our actions are oriented towards the welfare of our planet.See more


Anim4rt is not just another NFT project, it is a visionary initiative that is deeply committed to the preservation of wildlife and its natural habitat.

With great attention to detail, each Anim4rt NFT is meticulously handcrafted to be truly one-of-a-kind and you will not find two same animals.

Our team spent more than a year on crafting these NFTs that have 6 levels of rarity and 11 unique traits.
The best part is yet to come. Our NFTs will never stop gaining on value. 100% of all benefits from our Carbon positive project will be used to acquire new blocks, this is a guarantee that each NFT will continuously acquire more and more rainforest parcels and therefor its value.
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  • An exclusive parcel of the majestic Amazon forest that we acquire and divide into 10 000 blocks, each block is attached to an NFT you acquire, marking the commitment to its preservation and serving as a testament to the impact you are making to save the planet.
  • You will become a valued member of the Anim4rt association, granting you not only the power to cast your vote but also the opportunity to actively mark the legacy for the future generations.
  • Our project strives to achieve Carbon positivity through the acquisition of rainforest parcels. This is ensuring the growth of value of each NFT.
  • All benefits will be used to acquire more and more parcels of rainforest, granting each NFT with more and more land, to ensure its value will constantly grow in time.
  • For more details check out “BENEFITS

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We are a passionate and skilled collective of dedicated professionals driven by a profound mission to safeguard the wonders of Mother Nature. Discover our team on the TEAM page and delve deeper into our shared commitment for preserving our planet’s natural treasures.

Unlock the extraordinary world of Anim4rt NFTs and embark on a captivating journey of discovery.

Each Anim4rt NFT is a hidden gem, revealing its unparalleled uniqueness only after the Sold Out.

Our allocation process is meticulously random, guaranteeing that every buyer will be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of art. Explore the exceptional rarity of our collection here.

The highly anticipated reveal of the Anim4rt collection will take place once each piece has been assigned to its rightful owner, seven days after the Sold Out.

This deliberate timing ensures that the entire collection is revealed simultaneously, intensifying the excitement, and making this event even more extraordinary

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