NFT Environmental Impact

NFT Side Effects

NFT Environmental Impact NFTs are rapidly transforming the digital art space. They have gone from CryptoKitties to actual fine art pieces. It has all been possible because of Blockchain technology that allows artists to create unique, verifiable NFTs. Recently, The Merge NFT sold for $91.8 million. As crazy as it might sound, it is true. […]

GameStop NFT

GameStop NFT GameStop is the world’s largest retail gaming and merchandise destination. As Netflix did with Blockbuster, digital platforms such as Steam did with GameStop. Although still valued at a whopping $10 billion, it is under a lot of performance duress. Since last year, GameStop Corp has been in the news. Short-sellers were betting for […]

Foundation NFT

Holding Mobile with Foundation NFT Logo

Foundation NFT Foundation is one of the largest NFT marketplaces on the web. This fact is evident by the total earning of its creators, which stands at 48,148 ETH (around $155 Million). What makes the Foundation NFT market distinctive is that the artists get invited on the platform – rather than allowing everyone. But the […]

Bored Ape NFT

NFT #32

Bored Ape NFT There is no doubt that NFTs have taken over the crypto world. Yet there’s a difference between NFTs as well. Some of them, such as Beeple’s, are pure art. But others break the barrier of art and become a status symbol instead. One prime example is the Bored Ape NFT collection, otherwise […]

NFT Gaming

Crypto Gaming Controller

NFT Gaming Ever since Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were introduced, they have continued to shake every aspect of our life. Even gaming did not get left behind. After the crypto craze, the world is rapidly moving towards NFT gaming.  You might be surprised to hear NFT gaming was responsible for 22% of all NFT Non-Fungible Token […]


Slam Dunk NBA - Topshot

NBA NFT Non-Fungible Tokens have been all the rage recently; there is no secret to that. However, certain collectibles rise above the common ones and carve out their own realm inside the NFT world. Today, we will be talking about one such NFT collection, namely NBA Top Shot. As the name suggests, this collection gives […]

CryptoPunk NFT

Most Expensive Cryptopunk nft

CryptoPunk NFT As you know, NFTs are all the rage these days. Although anything can be sold as an NFT, it may be a physical or a digital asset, digital art is currently dominating this realm. There have been countless NFT collections that have been sold on Ethereum and other blockchains. However, the CryptoPunk NFT […]

How to Buy and Sell NFTs

Bitcoin and NFTs

How to Buy and Sell NFTs Before delving into the details, let us tell you the reason why you should invest in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). According to the market tracker DappRaddar, the NFT sales surged to $10.7 billion. And this rise is projected to continue for the foreseeable future. We strongly advise you against people […]

Most Expensive NFT

Most expensive NFT

Most Expensive NFT Just a few months ago, the same artists who were selling their prints for a few hundred dollars are now playing in millions. Did the art connoisseurs suddenly start valuing their art more, or did something else happen? You might have guessed it, NFT art changed the landscape of digital artwork.  Non-Fungible […]

Different Types of NFTs


Different Types of NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens have been around for a longer period than most people think. Although Covid has taken too much from us – the only good thing that happened during it was the explosion of NFTs. If you do not know, a Non-Fungible Token is an ownership proof of unique digital art […]