Non-Fungible Tokens have been all the rage recently; there is no secret to that. However, certain collectibles rise above the common ones and carve out their own realm inside the NFT world. Today, we will be talking about one such NFT collection, namely NBA Top Shot. As the name suggests, this collection gives you a shot at NBA NFT collectibles.   

Keep reading to find out what makes it truly special and how it rose to fame so quickly.

What is NBA Top Shot?

Let us talk about the most important things first. It is probably the best thing that happened for basketball fans after the legendary career of LeBron James. Think of it in this way, if a super fan wanted to own a moment from LeBron’s epic career, they can do that now in the form of an NBA NFT.  

NBA Top Shot is a collection of basketball NFTs officially licensed by NBPA (National Basketball Players Association), WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), and Retired Players Association. Quite interestingly, Roham Gharegozlou’s Dapper Labs created NBA Top Shot. 

If that name sounds familiar, Dapper Labs is also behind the OG NFTs; CryptoKitties. Also, this collection is based on Flow Blockchain technology, an upcoming blockchain also developed by Dapper Labs. 

NBA Top Shot allows you to buy, sell, and trade top moments in basketball history. Moreover, you can buy these moments in the form of trading cards and then flaunt your collection in front of your friends. In short, Top Shot is not just a marketplace for NBA NFT; it is also a platform for game fans to come together. 

Learn the Basics

Top Shot NFT

Before you run off to buy your favorite game moments, read these fundamentals about this NBA NFT platform. In essence, NBA Top Shot is a marketplace for the most inspiring and influential Moments in NBA history. Similar to a physical trading card pack, Top Shot mints the Moments in Packs.   

Furthermore, these Packs are minted on the blockchain in Sets. It might get a little confusing now, but the Sets are part of a Series.  

And each Series corresponds with the ongoing NBA season. Currently, Series 3 is live on the NBA Top Shot platform.  

As you might have guessed, the basis of this NBA NFT is the individual Moments that are grouped into Sets and Packs. Each moment corresponds to an actual event, such as a legendary dunk or an assist. Of course, certain players and certain moments are more valuable than others. Keeping this in view, users can sort out the Moments based on the rarity: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate Tier. 

NBA Top Shot further divides the Set Packs into Base and Non-Base. The first one has a high edition size and releases regularly. Whereas Non-Base can contain a normal trading card and rare/legendary cards.

Getting Started with NBA NFT

NBA Virtual Gaming

As discussed, the price of each Top Shot NFTs depends on how rare the moment is. However, other factors affect the sales of these digital cards as well. When a new pack or set goes on sale, you will see either a CC or LE underneath it.  

CC (Circulating Count) tells that these digital cards will have no limit. Therefore, users can get them for an affordable price. On the other hand, LE (Limited Edition) means they carry rare moments from the sports, which drive their sale price up. 

However, you should know that this crypto platform is still in Beta. There is no proper marketplace for it yet. And the only way to buy a Top Shot is by buying packs or trading them with other users. This is why new Series are sold instantly. Apart from directly buying an NBA NFT, users can take part in challenges and quests to get a rare card. Users might have to do a scavenger hunt for a certain player’s moment to complete the challenge. 

The current year has been the best time for Dapper Labs as well as Top Shot. Basketball fans rose this crypto collection up to the 1st Spot on the sales volume chart of NFTs. So if you want to invest, Series 3 is currently live at the time of writing. 

Future of NBA NFT

Basket Illustration Artwork

Before talking about the future, let us give you quick news. Stephen Curry recently made a 3-Point record in the current league. To celebrate this achievement, he debuted his 2974 Collection that you can check out. The sale has started, hurry if you do not want to miss it.   

Now coming back to the future, Top Shot and Dapper Labs are currently developing a game based on the same technology which will let you play with other users. According to the reports, it will be a simple tap-and-play trading card game that will allow you to use your collection in PVP mode.  

In other news, they have partnered with Infinite Objects to convert the NFTs into hanging videos.  They are making a frame that will convert your NFT into a video that you can hang in your drawing-room. Honestly, it answers what we should do with our crypto collections. If you already own a Top Shot, you can head over to the Infinite Objects website to order your video frame. Moreover, they provide two size options that you can choose from. In our opinion, it is definitely a win-win for the fans of the sports.  

Meanwhile, stay tuned if you would like to read more about Non-Fungible Tokens. 


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